The Meteor is a sentient, slimy, glowing piece of rock which fell from space near Dr. Fred Edison's mansion some 20 years before Maniac Mansion. Since then, it began having an effect on Dr. Fred who neglected his family and started doing weird experiments.

The Meteor seems to be immobile however it can communicate, and it even wrote its memoirs.

Having plans for world domination, it has ordered Dr. Fred to kidnap Sandy Pantz and remove her brains.

The fate of the Meteor differs according to the multiple endings of the game. The Meteor:

  • Becomes a literary star when its memoirs are corrected by Wendy and published
  • Is put in the car's trunk and then flown to space
  • Is given to man-eating plant and devoured.
  • Is arrested by the Space Police, when contacted by Bernard Bernoulli


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