The key is perhaps the first item taken in the game. It is found under the door mat. It is used to open the door to the Mansion.


The Flashlight is found in the kitchen. It needs batteries to operate, and helps you when you enter dark rooms. It can work with the Old Batteries but only briefly. You need new ones.


Old BatteriesEdit


Can of PepsiEdit

Broken Bottles of KetchupEdit

Old Rotting TurkeyEdit

Week Old RoastEdit

Tentacle ChowEdit

Canned GoodsEdit

Fruit DrinksEdit

Glass JarEdit

Paint RemoverEdit

Found in the painting room. Used to remove the paint blotch and reveal the door behind it.

Paint BrushEdit

Bowl of Wax FruitEdit

Found in the painting room, it is the favorite food of the Green Tentacle.

Old RecordEdit

A sound effects record found in the music room.


Found in Fred Edison's room


A record with Tentacle mating calls, found in the Green Tentacle's room.

Yellow KeyEdit

Found in the Green Tentacle's room. It opens the trunk to the car.


Is brought via post to Weird Ed. Once it arrives, Ed comes down to take it and a kid had limited time to get it.

Silver KeyEdit

It is found in the basement near to the fuse box and the door to the dungeon. It is used to unlock the door to the backyard.